January 1, 2011

Its a New Year....

I wish I could say something super hopeful and inspirational for the new year, but I am just not feeling it. I did make one resolution and that was to drink a glassful of water first thing in the morning when I get up. This morning I managed to do that and then washed it down with a PB&J which incidentally was what I ate to ring in the new year (trend?). Not sure what that is all about.

Don't get me wrong its not that I am not hopeful, its more that I have no idea what this year will hold for me because I can't seem to make a decision about my life. I keep plugging away at the goal of PA school even though I seriously just want to stay home with my kids. I know that soon they will be off to school, and then what will I do? So I keep plugging away knowing that when they start elementary school I will have a job to fill some of my time with and supplement our "lifestyle"....more to come on all of these ramblings....as they develop.

Christmas was wonderfully hectic like it is every year. Each year I vow for something more simple, and we did accomplish that to some degree this year, but its the running around to see every parent and grandparent that is just so tiring and senseless. Another reason why leaving the state completely would be AWESOME!

During the holidays I just want to hole up in my house with my husband and babes and cuddle, make cookies, play, and vegg out in front of the occasional Christmas movie. simple. simple. simple. AND I want to do homemade gifts. I just feel like there is SO much thoughtless gift giving. Seriously, don't buy me a gift just for the sake of it. I did have one of my best girlfriends up here to spend the holiday with us and help keep me sane and that helped a lot. She and Derrick enjoyed checking out the local breweries and we also squeezed in a trip to Powells bookstore.

Yesterday I went out to blow one of the gift cards I received and I was tickled to find these Anthropologie bowls at a discount retailer for $5 each, when I believe they are originally 12. That made my day even though going to this discount retailer nearly sent me into a black hole depression. I feel like we are so out of touch with each other as humans and this particular consumer marketplace was just BAD! Rather than have the actual cashier say "I can help the next person" They have an automated voice saying "cashier 4 will help you now" I felt like I was in the movie WallE. It was bizarre and I could not wait to grab my anthro bowls and get the heck out of dodge.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to reflect on what is really important to me. What my values are in this life and how I can translate that into my everyday actions. I know this year will be great because I know I have all I need; my kids, my husband, my health, and a lot of love. The rest remains to be seen.


Jenni said...

My dearest Jana, you will find your way if you stay true to yourself and all else be damned. Life is too short, our babes grow up too fast and the rat race can be run by someone else.
I love you! Take the time for reflection, mull it over and allow your path to come to you.
xo Jen

Cellar Door said...

My New Year's wish for you: cherries to fill those bowls. Translation: "cherries" = what is really important to you!

Best wishes in 2011. Speaking of:

At the front of a soon~to~be grand 2011, I resolve to replace resolutions with wishes:

From across the pond, The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas (by John and Caitlin Matthews) arrived, red and green and gold foiled-wrapped inside a Christmas parcel to me from Gemmama (my grandmother who presently visits in the UK)!

At midnight, as the clocks all at once sang their songs announcing a shiny-new year, the following wish-lovely spell from the book’s pages I did cast (and because the remains of this day yet belong to New Year's Day, I am certain time is plenty enough for you to likewise make a wish for 2010!):

Fill a large shallow dish with raisins (preferably golden) and pour a few drizzles of brandy over them. Put out the lights then set torch to the "cheer." Whilst it is still "going," snatch one of the raisins from the flames. As you put the fevered fairy-fruit in your mouth, make a wish! It will be granted in the next twelve months, it is promised! (PLEASE TO NOTE: Remember the Law of Three: what you do will come back to you threefold, whether for good or ill, so never perform any spell to harm or control as it will ultimately not only hurt your “intended,” but also yourself.)

Happy New Year and best wishes!
Cellar Door

Jana said...

Oh ladies, thank you so much for the comments and encouragement!

christi said...

Hi Jana,
I'm new around here ... found you through Eddie's blog and the beautiful posts folks are writing to her for her birthday. I eat PB&J almost everyday -- it is something that keeps me grounded. Simple. Delicious. Inexpensive. A daily treat. We don't have kids yet but that work vs stay home debate is already in my head and in our conversations. I think I've finally ... finally ... come to a place where I realize that no matter how much we plan, hope, talk about it, only God knows what will happen. He will show us what is right. With that said ... keep up with working your way to the PA. What a great gift to give yourself when we women (and you mother's) focus so much life on giving to others.

Looking forward to reading more in your little neck of the world!

Jana said...

Christi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so excited to have a new friend out in the blogosphere!!