January 13, 2011

House Projects 2011

We have survived the first part of the winter here on the farm. I was told when we moved out here that it would be like camping. In case you are not up to speed we (my husband, two kids and I) live in a garage bay/turned apartment that is just under 400 sq ft. It does not have a shower. Let me say that again. It does not have a shower, and as my friend Julia would say you have to fold up like a praying mantis to sit on the pot....the toilet stall er bathroom. Where do we shower you ask? Out the front door and down to the unfinished basement where we have our own bathroom.

I don't think my parents expected us to stay very long. There is hardly a moment alone in a space this small, Derrick's shoes and clothes are almost entirely in the basement, and making food is an exercise in serious patience when you factor in the small counter space and fridge, but we really like it. Yes its hard to be cooped up in here when its crappy and rainy out, but when the sun shines...it is heaven.

The plan is to be here until we can buy a house, about three years. Until then I will dress up this little abode as if it were my own. It helps me stay sane. So I have started to compile a project list for 2011.

Of course I will keep you updated along the way. I think/hope the first order of business will be to get rid of the laundry chair!

This is the laundry chair. It never gets sat in, and it usually has more laundry. We have placed the chair up for sale, and have an offer to buy it. Wont hold my breath till we have cash in hand. With the money we are going to purchase another piece of furniture. Stay tuned for the details....


Molly said...

I think it is awesome what you guys are doing. I can't imagine how hard it would be to live in that small of space! I also think it's great to have projects to work on to keep you busy. Ok but I have to ask, what is that cute font you used? I love it!

Jana said...

Molly, the font is pea hannah vanilla. You can find it and a ton of other awesome handwriting fonts at kevinandamanda.com :)

Molly said...

I love that font sight! Andy built a new computer a few months ago and somehow when transfering everything he lost all of the fonts I downloaded from her, I need to goback and re download. So cute!