January 14, 2011

Hello Love!

When we moved into our place I really was looking to do something light and bright with the interior. I wanted to make the most of the space and have it be cohesive, but still fun and stylish (as stylish as it can possibly be anyway). You may remember that this was my original inspiration for the color scheme.

And I am still in love with it. It's light, bright, a little punchy, but overall pleasing and easy on the eyes.

Lately, though I have been looking to the future and trying to come up with something that will allow my husband to have the dark colors he favors while still maintaining a whimsical and light interior.

Today I happened upon a scrapbooking kit while on my search for papers to use in the blog remodel (still working on it). I instantly put it in my online cart and snatched that baby up.

And it's called "Sunshine of my life" When I saw it I said (in an English accent) "Hello Love". For some reason that color palette is so swoon worthy for me. Even better, I just happen to have picked up some paint swatches at Sherwin Williams last night and wouldn't you know, all the colors I grabbed looked as if they were hand picked right out of that little kit.

From left to right: Scrap Kitchen Sunshine of My Life, Porpoise SW, Wild Aster Benjamin Moore, Nugget SW

Gorgeous but not complete...I am still not over this turquoise phase but I am definitely leaning towards more muted tones. Enter Marina Isle.

From left to right: Porpoise SW, Wild Aster Benjamin Moore, Marina Isle Behr, Nugget SW

And that's where I am heading with my color preferences. I have a sneaking suspicion that Marina Isle is going to show up in this little house within the next couple of months, and although they may not make it on the walls, the other colors may appear as well in little places and decor items. When I own my home I fully intent to have a pink room somewhere in the house...even if it is just the powder room (some how pink and powder room seem like they should go together anyway)

What do you think?


Kelly said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Plus I'm thinking Marina Isle needs to be on my living room walls ASAP!

Jana said...

Marina Isle is great, as is the next shade lighter which is called Tide Pools. We need to make a paint trip and then kick Ben and the kids out of the house and have at it! I love to paint!

Kelly said...

I'm seriously ready! Hopefully I can go to Sherwin Williams this weekend. Do you think it will look good w/the couch? I don't want it looking countryish blue ya know

Annie said...

ummm... the first wedding I catered the colors were white, yellow and grey: LOOOOVE... I love the turquoise too!