January 24, 2011

Dressing It Up

I've decided I am going to start a regular series called Dressing It Up. Just a way to highlight noteworthy decor and style items, including clothing. Anything that makes things a little prettier can and will be included. I hope you will stop by to check it out every Monday.

Today I am highlighting items from Urban Outfitters. I am regularly impressed by how easily I can find stylish and affordable offerings for the home.

Here are a couple of prints I found that I love. The first one because it reminds me of the bygone days of childhood.

I really dont know anybody that has time on their hands, but its a lovely fantasy.

Most impressive is the offering of affordable, stylish furniture, and the interesting chotchkies and and utilitarian items cleverly disguised as decor.

Great rugs

This table made the short list of must haves when we get our own house.

There are so many more lovely items to help you dress up your own place...I highly suggest you take a look!


Mrsuglesich said...

I love that second rug it is gorgeous! And that chair is great! :)