January 31, 2011

Our Paint Colors

Today I am linking up with Nesting Place to share my paint colors, as are many other talented blogger/interior enthusiasts. Take a peak over at Nesting Place for more inspiration!

When I set out to spruce up our little place I used Jen Johner's kitchen as my inspiration. It was warm with nice little pops of color. I had to keep it pretty simple because 400 square feet doesn't allow for very much or its starts to look too busy.

Here are the colors I chose

Starting at the top left going clockwise they are : Dried Leaf, Gobi Dessert, Toasted Marshmallow, and Rivers Edge. All Behr Paints.

We used the dried leaf in a 2 part epoxy paint to cover the concrete floors and the Gobi Desert on the walls to try and warm things up. In Oregon it is gloomy and gray a lot of the time, and because we are lacking quite a bit of natural light in here we thought warm tones would serve us best.

Here are the floors before

And after

Here you can see the Toasted Marshmallow trim. It reads like a warm white and not cream. I was really trying to avoid stark white but definitely not wanting cream.

Finally, Rivers Edge. We just used it as an accent color in our wee hallway/closet as well as in the bathroom which is not pictured because it is embarrassingly small and in desperate need of sprucing but if you REALLY want to see it then click here

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Mrsuglesich said...

You are making that tiny little space of yours so cute! You are an amazing decorator and I think that you should do it for a living! I wish I could decorate as well as you do... maybe in my next house I'll have you help me decorate it! :)

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen, Ava and Cate said...

Jana, just so you know, I'm holding you responsible for the $ I spent at Ross and Target buying accessories for our house hee-hee! Seriously, you're amazing, and I get so inspired by your wonderful decorating ideas. Keep up the great posts! :-)