December 15, 2010

This post has no obvious title....

For the love of all things healthy, if your husband brings home a box of these

CAST HIM OUT (WITH THE COOKIES) and dont let him return until they are no longer!!!! As I write this I am killing off a box of these just so I don't have to be confronted with them tomorrow. And by killing of I mean I ate the last three throughout the course of this evening, but still!

Tomorrow is the first day in a long time where I have absolutely no obligations, which means no one is going to get dressed before 10 am, we will probably sit in bed watching the Today show until Hoda and Kathie Lee come on, and then if I am good I will get up and tackle painting the trim around the window here in our bedroom. I have company coming next week and there are a few things that I need to finish around here so I can feel "ready". Nothing I do is going to magically produce 200 more square feet but I am hoping I can purge and reorganize so that it is not so crazypackedtotherafters in here.

I really do love it here in our little place and I am enjoying fixing it up and really as U-G-L-Y as it still is in places, it is a vast improvement from where we started. Still I constantly daydream and search the internet for inspiring pictures... Like this one

This one too...........................

Perfect for entertaining

By the way, I LOVE this light fixture! Modern, classic, rustic, could really go anywhere. Its seems so versatile.

Speaking of love...even though he brings home above mentioned cookies...I love this guy....He's a great husband and father.

Ok, well I guess I am done writing the most random post ever! I will update you with all the things I accomplish around the house...Like, oh I dont know, maybe I can finally get that bathroom door painted and up...its rough having to do your business with an audience of toddlers!