November 21, 2010

Its like spreading butter on toast

Let me just warn you in advance that this was in no way a professional job...I didn't even have all the tools, but since I have done tile before I knew I could get by with what I had. After having the tile and grout under my cupboard FOR-EV-ER I decided to finally slap up the tile for the side splash. Here's how it went.

First of all I bought a combo thin set/ grout product. Because it was such a small job and going directly onto drywall, it didn't require anything complicated

I didn't have a trowel (which I would highly recommend normally, but this was a really small job) so I just spread it on with a butter knife...which made me hungry for toast and tea, BUT I kept going!

Again, due to my lack of trowel I had to improvise, so I pulled my fork through the adhesive to put some notches in it (honestly, it probably wasn't even necessary...)

Then I slapped that bad boy up and waited for it to dry

Always give a full 24-48 hours for your tile to dry, unless its really warm, dry weather in which case you may be able to get to work sooner. Once it was dry I used my rubber grout float (pictured above, which incidentally is now a play iron for Parker) to push grout into the spaces. I lay my grout on generously to make sure I get it into all the cracks, but then I meticulously scrape the excess off...makes for easier washing.

Immediately once I finish grouting I wet my sponge (ring it out good!) and wipe in all the areas where there should be NO grout... i.e. counter tops and painted dry wall areas etc. You don't want to start wiping down the actual tile yet...the grout need to be dry enough that you can control how much grout you wipe out. You don't want to remove too much from the spaces in between but you still need to be able to get it all off the face of the tile. Depending on the weather and climate you live in this could take different amounts of time.

Here it is after the initial wipe to get the grout off of the areas it should not be.

Here is the finished product

Like Brookes would say..."easy peasy japanesey"

And finally a cute picture of my son sound asleep in his new slippers...this picture has no relation to the rest of this post....


Annie said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen, Ava and Cate said...

Nice job! :-) I loved the slipper pic, too ;-)