October 10, 2010

A few changes

I really wanted to go with a cooler neutral pallet with pops of aqua and yellow, but the nature of living on a farm (dirt!) does not really lend itself to cool hues because generally those hues are light colored.

As much as I like my chain link rug it really didn't fit with my idea of how I wanted things to look, and the idea of it getting trashed with all the dirt that comes in here kind of made me sad...

so out it went, and has been replaced with this.

how can something the color of dirt show dirt? That was my logic anyway. Its a little warmer than I would have liked but I am still hoping I can incorporate some pops of color without it looking all disjointed and garish. We also ditched the curtains in the front room for just some basic wood blinds...it looks much cleaner and uncomplicated.

Still working on something to replace the pink and blue stools...they seemed like a good idea at the time.

I love this chair but I think it might be too big :(

Also still focusing on this interior as my inspiration. I think she really has married warm hues and cool pops of color really well.

images via Jen Johner Blog

But to make my place look more like this type of pallet I think I will have to introduce more light and bright textiles...light = white = shows dirt...see my dilemma?

Maybe some pillows with this fabric?

Found here

I admit...I do miss our old place where my chain link rug fit in, and things were light bright and airy

But I sort of like the challenge of putting my mark on this little place, and adopting the more rural and simple lifestyle.


Patty tretter said...

I love the new look Jana! You did good!