October 3, 2010

Before and (part of) After

We are done with making this little place ours...all 400 sq ft (at best) of it.
I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. A lot of work went into it and for the most part we are done, but will hold off on posting the bedroom and bathroom (if you can even call it that!).

The bathroom/toilet stall
Getting started on the paint

Before painting the concrete

The bedroom...gotta love the office fluorescent lights

It was in a state of disaster (some parts still are) for some time

Freshly painted walls and floors

Before all we had was a really ugly cabinet with a bathroom sink

And after...much better

Since we ripped out the original cabinet after
we painted there are still some areas to touch up

Love this bench

Storage is a big must in a space this small

The kids had to majorly reduce in the toy department...half of these are now gone

Much cozier!

As we live here we continue to edit and remove items and change things around so that it works for our day to day life. We finally got our shower (which is outside and down around the back of the main house on the property) in order and it has been nice to shower on our own time in our own bathroom. It does feel a little bit like outdoor school though!

Coming soon: Pictures of the bedroom, toilet stall, hallway turned closet, and kitchen area.


inosculation said...

Wow! You've done a lot to turn that into a really nice space. I know it's a far cry from your dream house, but I think it looks fantastic!

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen, Ava and Cate said...

You're doing great, babe. Can't wait to see the rest of the finished pics. :-) xoxoxo

DutchTouchBeads said...

Looks so great! Can I hire you to help at my house someday??!!

Annie said...

Jana, it is beautiful and cozy... you did SUCH a wonderful job :)