September 10, 2010

Ch ch ch ch changes!

Are you humming David Bowie? I have literally been "off the grid" (which is the term I use when I am without internet) because we have been in the middle of some HUGE changes. In an effort to stay the course education wise Derrick and I have gone from a 1300 sq foot apartment filled with creature comforts to a 400 sq ft (at best) apartment on my late grandparents farm. It has definitely meant a lot of adjustments for us, but the prospect of wittling things down to just the necessities has me excited.

Before we could move in there was some prettying that needed to be done...ahem

And here is a sneek peak at the progress....I will devote a whole post to the "after" in a couple of days...after we are all moved in and decorated.

Pretty much almost every surface has been painted. My favorite was painting the concrete floor (cheapest flooring ever!) My least favorite has been the trim...basically because it takes about 5 coats even with killz primer...which would explain why the trim and doors still aren't done *sigh*

It is definitely lacking in creature comforts...the shower is out the door and down around the back of the main farm house in the basement. That's right folks on any given day you may see me or the kids tromping across our yard in golashes and a bath robe. Derrick has vowed to use the gym shower at 24 hour fitness.

On the upside we have a new cat that we saved from being coyote food. She was wandering around the farm a bit skinny and haggered when we gave a her a bowl of milk...that pretty much made her ours and we love her. We named her Lucky (original huh?) because we felt she was pretty lucky to have found us. She's turning out to be quite the farm cat though...she's already a mouser

We also have a farm bunny

And some goats

Life on the farm is pretty good

Stay tuned for all of our farm misadventures, and the highly anticipated after pictures of our little farm house...


RRHoodRN said...

Life on the farm looks pretty nice. Mutton is looking a lot like lamb!

Annie said...

Looooove the brown floors... they look awesome!

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen, Ava and Cate said...

Your life looks beautiful. :-) You guys did some amazing work on the floors and painting -can't wait to see the rest, my multi-talented couple. ;-) Big hugs!