June 26, 2010

What a day! The sun has come out with a vengeance here and it really couldn't have come at a better time....or could it? My two cute as pie nephews stayed with us this weekend so mom and dad could get a much needed break, and Derrick and I could, again, remind ourselves why we stopped at two.

Since the sun was out I though we would walk to Magnolia Park where there is a water feature. The walk and water play I reasoned would wear them completely out and they would nap beautifully when we got home. What's the saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions...well I wouldn't say it was hell but my back is certainly on fire!

After slathering little ones in sunblock I was so ready to head out the door that I completely neglected myself. No good. The walk started out nice. I had the two little ones in the stroller and the older two walking. I have to say Parker was a really good sport...so happy to be on an adventure that she didn't care whether she was walking or not. Joshua...not so much. Many protests and a couple sitting breaks later we made it to the park....the fountain was going, kids were running around and making happy kid noises one hears during water play... and this is how the rest of that outing went....

Kellan was rearing to go and in the end was the only one who played the entire time.

Parker ran over to play too but it was all over once she got sprayed in the eye with water.

I suspect some of the sunblock got rubbed in there with the water, and since her allergies have been horrible and her eyes especially sensitive, I can see why she was a little dramatic about it.

Joshua wanted nothing to do with it and can be see sulking here....

And also here, but this time Parker has joined him in the stroller where she proceeded to lay back and promptly fall asleep.

And then there was Rowan...

He was just neutral about the whole thing...I am not digging the water so much but I am happy to kind of stand around and watch.

In the end I put in a call to Derrick for two reasons, and both really centered around Joshua (I love him and his little high maintenance ways). We set out to go home and Joshua (understandably this time) whined a little about his shoes hurting...and I think this is because he didn't have socks...somewhere between taking off his shoes in an attempt to engage him in the water play and putting them back on to go home we had a sock casualty (sorry Annie!) more of an awol situation...its still MIA. I will be donating a pair of Kellan's to the Dennis family.

Then he said his stomach hurt, and you know....I understand this one. When you're hungry, YOU'RE HUNGRY!

I called Derrick for back up at that point so that Joshua would not have to walk in his shoes (remember Parker is asleep in the stroller and Rowan is on the other side because that cutie patootie is too little to walk) and also Kellan is so cold that he is shaking quite visibly (he had a blast in the water though). Derrick met me and drove the two older boys (and I walked the two sleepers) over to Whole Foods where we picked up a chocolate chip cookie and some Macaroni and Cheese for lunch.

Derrick then took the boys home and I walked the snoozers home getting red as a lobster on my way...but memories were made, and more importantly...everyone napped!


Anonymous said...

Hey, can I just say how much my mom and I were laughing at this post... little grumpy joshua, gosh and the whole gang just was out of sorts. Thank god we each don't have four children...eeeee...