June 24, 2010

School is out and the sun has finally come out to play! AND for the first time in my life I have nothing going on....no work, no school...I am just going to play with my kids, browse blogs, and daydream about decorating my future first house. Of course I would like to ignore the organizing and purging of collected junk in my house, the information gathering and organizing for PA school, and figuring out how we are going to support ourselves this fall when Derrick is no longer working...minor details right? I guess I will have to just fit those unpleasant tasks in.

Lots of changes for the fututre. It all remains to be seen and I am nervous, anxious, and excited. I know there is a plan for us, and God has never failed to hold us up just when we thought we might go under.

I also plan on blogging a lot more, and sharing all our misadventures this summer....even the little things like this...

Ok maybe you can't see it, but my darling ginger is getting freckles! I love it!!

and here is Parker too...she is 4 going on 14....refuses to smile for a picture

It's been fun catching up, and there will be a lot more posts to come this summer so keep checking back with me.

P.S. I just got these new shoes from my mom...thanks mom :)

Derrick HATES them. I have to say I do appreciate that he has a good fashion sense. I love them because they keep me in all my shortness out of the water in the fall/winter/spring...OK pretty much year round here in Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Eric can't stand my Dansko clogs either. :)


Annie Rivers-Dennis said...

I love your kiddies :) and those pictures of them say a thousand words!