April 9, 2010

Help, I can't choose!

Ok folks...I need your help!!

I am trying to pick fabric for pillows for my sofa. The sofa itself is a pale beige (not unlike the rings in the rug) but the rug is so bold...I have no idea what to do for pillows!!

Please let me know your faves by commenting what set its from, and what time it is located on the clock.... get it? The ones that have two overlapping fabrics indicate a front and back fabric for the pillow.

Thanks...and happy voting!

Oh and BTW....its also OK to say "they all suck, start over"

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3


Jenni said...

Jana, I'm leaning towards set 1 and in particular, the yellow/green themes because the rug is bold, so I think that a nice color contrast with pop would be snazzy. I like the yellow lines swatch the best in that group.