January 12, 2010

I just want my own kitchen

So that I can rip it apart and redo it all over again in a design that screams "me"
I want a mix of classic and contemporary design. Here are my inspirations and, incidentally, a couple of them are Candice Olsen designs. Oh, had I the money I would hire her to do my whole house. Or maybe I wouldn't...maybe just one room so that I could take the inspiration and make the rest of my home a true reflection of me.

Cherry wood butcher block? Yes please!

Classic meets modern meets glam

I l-o-v-e the hardware on these cabinets!! Modern design that hearkens back to classic country

There is not one particular element about this one that jumps out, but rather the eclectic feel of it and the mix of light and dark cabinetry

I have my lottery tickets...here's hoping I hit the big one and can begin house hunting for my fixer upper, otherwise... to be continued...in about 5 years.


Jenni said...

Ah lovely choices my dear! And here I have a fixer upper house and no money to make the changes! sigh...we're all stuck.

kate boyan said...

Hi Jana, yes Candice is the best... Instead of lottery tickets we are entered for the dream home. It's very close to Santa Fe where I sell my work.(perfect) Thanks for taking a look at the blog.:) Kate

Jenilee said...

oh I love these kitchen pics! I would love to have the money to redo our kitchen as well!