October 29, 2009

Baby steps...Baby seats

I am a self confessed slob...slob! It's in my nature to be scattered and disorganized. I desperately want to be a type A, super organized, cool headed individual...somehow I don't think it is in the stars for me, but I can try right?

I decided to start with my entry way which used to look like this


Shoe storage...Sad

Ikea to the rescue! I found this shoe storage system there, and it happens to fit perfectly on the angled entry wall...

I won't lie. Putting it together was not a snap and there were some swear words thrown around, but I am one step closer to total organization. I have come to realize that true success in the area of organization is simply throwing more stuff away...but we're doing baby steps here people.

On to another happy acquisition...after a lot of research and saving we have settled on new car seats for the kids. We would have loved to have purchased the largest Britax for them, but we needed seats that were narrow enough to fit 3 across a midsized vehicle. Britax makes awesome car seats but they are also gargantuan! After some searching we (ok, that really means me) found the Sunshine Radian 65. It will take our kids all the way through until they are 65 lbs. Although Sunshine Radian also comes in an 80 lbs. version our friendly and honest Segals (local children's store here in Beaverton) rep advised us that our kids would outgrow it in height before they ever made it to 85 lbs. Score! Because that seat cost about $70 more.

It weighs a ton because it has a steel reinforced frame. I am feeling so much better about about my kids' safety and can't wait to get the second one and get it installed in the car!

Lastly I will share some new pictures of the kids...because I think they are so stinkin' cute!!

Also me and my new bangs...Thanks Deven!

**Post-post update...I was just getting my blog reading in and noticed that Small Place Style has featured my very own shoe storage from Ikea! Great minds think alike!!


Lisa said...

Hi Jana !

Love the shoe drawers...! It looks PERFECT there!!! How many shoes does one pull out hold about? I was thinking about putting one by my front door under a mirror, but I need it in black. Maybe I could paint it? Just in the thinking about stage, but seeing yours makes me want one now !!! Good stuff !!
Lisa Small Space Style

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

AHHH! So funny! I saw your comment on my blog, so I thought you saw mine on yours...Low and behold, it didn't post again!?! :-p

Anyway, you did a beautiful job on your entryway -I love the cabinet so much that now I'm thinking about where I can put one in my house. :-) Also, totally me re. putting stuff together. Damn that Ikea!! Hee-hee! Lastly, you look so beautiful with your bangs, and I agree, Kellan and Parker look adorable in the pics. ;-)

Miss you!



Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

Just realized why the comment didn't post. I keep skipping the word verification part LOL!