October 23, 2009

Helloooo? Is anybody there?

That has to be what you are thinking! Where have I been and why aren't there any posts!!?? Well I am still neck deep in Anatomy & Physiology. In the meantime I will dazzle you with some of the photographs from my photography class... Just as a little disclaimer; These photos were taken to meet technical objectives. It is not my amateur photographer lifes work to take pictures of various jars and airstream models. It's just the stuff I had around that made itself useful at the time

Soon we will be doing portraits...now that is the meat...the above is just potatoes!

BTW Can I just say how convenient it is to have a digital SLR?? I would have burned through rolls and rolls of film if I was going the conventional route!


Kelly Jones said...

LOVE IT! You will have to tell me all about your camera because I think I might be getting a new one. Oh and if you need a cute little brown haired baby girl to take pics of I might know where you can get one, ha ha ha!

JeSsE said...

So, do you have or use a tiltshift lens on that Airstream? Or is it a little photoshop trickery? Good photos, either way.

JeSsE said...

Wait a second...is that really a toy? Wow. Had me fooled. Well, you can get the same miniature effect using a tiltshift on life-size objects...or with photoshop trickery.

Jana said...

Kelly, I would love to use Gracie-Pants as a model for my portrait shots, plus it gives us an excuse to get together!