July 21, 2009

Kellan's Evaluation

First off I have to give a big kudos to The Washington County Early Intervention Services Staff. What a wonderful bunch of qualified, competent, and compassionate individuals. They were clearly interested and invested in the well being of my child...I will be a little happier paying my state taxes this year knowing that my money helps to fund these programs.

Kellan and I dressed in our finest shorts (because it is hot out today)....I know it sounds weird but I wanted to look nice and I wanted Kellan to look nice because as much as people would not like to admit it, we are judged on our appearances and I wanted them to know I care about my child...at least enough to have him clean and neatly dressed. So I had set out some nice warm weather clothes for both of us.

A staff of 3 evaluators (all women, two middle aged, and one probably about my age) greeted us in the waiting area after we had checked in and took us back to what I would call a mini classroom. In this room were cubbies packed with toys (Kellan loved this!) and little tables and chairs. Kellan got right to playing which they wanted him to do so that he could get comfortable, and they proceeded to ask me many questions related to his motor skills, language, and cognitive abilities. Then they left the room to talk about what kind of assessments they wanted to do with him.

Once they had interviewed me and decided on their assessments they proceeded to "play" with Kellan using various games or play techniques to asses his abilities. Once they had completed those they sat back down with me and talked about their concerns and told me that they wanted to do 2 more evaluations on him because he was so close to qualifying for services, and that they were very much concerned about a couple of areas and wanted to qualify him for services.
They did the remaining 2 evaluations and then sat down with me to talk about the results.

Kellan is delayed in language and cognitive ability, but mostly cognitive ability as it is related to language...make sense? Basically he does not communicate like he should as this age, and there is little 2 way communication going on.

He will have a teacher come to our home for services starting in September, until he is 3 at which point he will be re-evaluated.

The autism thing....remains to be seen. The teacher expressed to me that she observed some of the concerns I had mentioned and encouraged me to bring that up to his home teacher, and that if needed he would have an additional evaluation....

So the autism thing is still hanging out there, which is hard for me, but I love my son no matter how he ends up and I just have to remind myself not to get caught up in expectations and just appreciate him for who he is as he is...

That is it for now. Kind of anticlimactic.

If you want to ask me questions about it, feel free. It is not a sensitive subject for me and I feel comfortable talking about it.


Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

You're a great mommy, and thank goodness for you. Thanks for sharing the news too. I am so happy to hear Kellan will have a teacher in September -awesome, awesome news. And you know what, it's good news they were able to diagnose in some areas, so you know you weren't crazy when noticing things before. Great intuition! Love you guys!

Kelly Jones said...

How fantastic is it that they are going to come to your house and work with him! I love that he will get the one on one in his own comfortable environment. I am so happy that you are tackling this early. You are the best mommy! Give those little cuties hugs from me and Mason :)

Jana said...

Oh my gosh my friends! Your support means so much to me!

Jenni said...

I am very hopeful with the outcome of this evaluation! You've done the right thing by facing this head on and seeking help for you darling boy. XOXO