May 8, 2009

Joshua's Lemon Cake

Yesterday my sister in law Annie came over with her two young sons, one of which is the same age as Kellan. We try to get together at least once a week as both of us are stay at home moms and get near madness when we have gone too long without adult conversation. I missed our Tuesday at the library because I was meeting up with an old friend. So instead Annie packed up her kids and ventured over here. We didn't have a plan for the day.

Mostly we just wanted to visit and give all the kids a chance to play with each the day wore on and the kids had played with each other, explored the new toys, and tired of both we needed something else to occupy them. I will come out and be the first to say that I am not very good about doing projects with kids...not in my own house anyway. I tend to get all aggravated and anxiety ridden over the possible mess, or permanent damage that could be done to my carpet, couch, beloved rug, or whatever the kids can touch with their dirty hands before I get a chance to wipe them (which, as it turns out, can be a lot) I called out "Who wants to make cake!?". This was my choice of projects mostly because it was all I had at the moment and it is a project that is done entirely in the kitchen. With a unanimous yes in varying stages of language I pulled out a white box cake mix, pulled up anything I could find that would put the kids at counter height and proceeded to get out the ingredients.

I tried to make it as educational as possible...but who are we kidding here? We counted eggs and the rest of it was me trying not to spill oil, water, you name it all over the floor. Janae wanted blue cupcakes so I also added a couple of drops of food coloring. I turned around to put the food coloring away (because I could just see the mess possibilities if that got into the wrong hands) and as I turned back around I see Joshua dumping oil into the bowl, mind you, we have already added oil. He was "helping". Not knowing how much had gone in I eyeballed it, scooped some out, and after conferencing with Annie we decide to add another egg and some more cake mix, of which I only had lemon. The yellow in the lemon turned the cupcakes into the most perfect shade of green-aqua (both Annie and I said "I love the color, I could paint that on some cabinets or furniture"...having just seen this post.) The kids helped pour the batter and we placed it in the oven and crossed out fingers.

Attention span being what it is for 2,3, and 4 year olds it was not hard to convince the kids to get out of the kitchen while the cupcakes baked. My two kids had already moved on to splashing some soapy water in the sink, and I was near we sent them off to play. When we finally pulled the cupcakes out of the oven and tasted them Annie and I marveled at how delicious they actually were, and decided that from here on out we would always cut a white cake mix with the lemon mix as the hint of lemony taste is so good! I am going to call that recipe Joshua's Lemon Cake, which is fitting because today Joshua turns 2!!

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Joshua with his camera, after the oiling of the cake batter!


Jenni said...

Kudos to the Moms! I'm sad now that I'm working and missing out on all this great family time!!

Annie Rivers-Dennis said...

We had such a great time, Joshua keeps saying "cupcake" today!

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

I love your adding food color idea -genius!