May 23, 2009

It's the little things

This weekend has been especially grand. I had the most wonderful conversation with my best girlfriend in San Diego. We reminisced about our pregnancies, and talked about how the economy was affecting us, and how we had an overall attitude of (insert shrug here) about if to say "What can you do? When God gives you lemons, make lemonade!" Mostly we laughed about being moms, and not being "sexy" anymore, and how although we missed it at times we were largely over it anyway...

That same evening Derrick and I gleefully bought ourselves new sunglasses for our upcoming vacation (a small splurge, although they were on sale of course). It felt good to treat ourselves. We have been working so hard at being parents and doing well in school and we have been so responsible with our money...we decided this was a well deserved gift to ourselves....and with the sun shining the way it has been in P-town we got to use them right away!

It was such a sunny day again today that we decided to load the kids in the car and drive up to Helvetia Tavern and have a cheeseburger out on the patio. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this place is a small local attraction known for its hamburgers. I have never been there so I was anticipating burger greatness. I was definitely not disappointed! I don't usually eat this kind of food so my salivary glands were working overtime in anticipation...The only disappointment? They don't serve milkshakes...a milkshake would have made it meal nirvana but no dice. On our way up there Derrick grabbed the mail, which we started opening after we arrived and had ordered our food. To my surprise and delight (I love getting stuff in the mail!) I received a thank-you from a dear friend for a baby gift, and a birthday card for Kellan from the them as well (these people are also friends I know from San Diego...apparently all wonderful people end up in San Diego at one point or least that is what I tell people when they ask me how I ended up in San Diego) I read the cards, which were filled with wit and appreciation, I thought "I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!"

I kept thinking to myself "Life is good!" Why? Because I am sitting at Helvetia Tavern chowing on a huge cheeseburger? Because I am basking in a sunny day wearing the RayBan sunglasses (so hipster!) I have been wanting for months? Because I have mail?!!?


I don't have a nice new house...I live in an apartment. I don't drive a fancy car...I roll an old Honda...but I can appreciate what I do have....Awesome family and friends, great food, fantastic weather, and classic sunglasses (a necessity right? I know!). If I can get endless joy and appreciation for the little things like sitting in the sun on a great day, eating a hamburger in my sunglasses, and opening mail, then I think I am in a pretty good place.

Photo Courtesy of Portland Hamburgers Blog

What are the little things that make your day? Leave me a note....I would love to hear!


Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

Jana, awesome post! Yesterday Conrad and I took the girls to lunch, then grabbed a coffee and watched them play at a park for a few hours. Came home and watched Little Miss Sunshine. It was the perfect day. :-)

Jennifer! said...

I suggest taking an extra 10 minute drive to Helvetia Winery next time you go to the tavern. Quaint place that welcomes all types.

rrhoodrn said...

Reading your blog.