May 15, 2009

Collage Madness!!

living room inspiration board
living room inspiration board by winsome on

Polyvore, where have you been all my life?!!? For those of you who are not aware of this awesome creative resource the above photo collage was created at This is nowhere near the awesomeness of collages that other people create there (which you can browse and get ideas from) but hey, this was my first attempt.

I am probably going to use this tool to plan out my rooms as I redecorate....and I use that term loosely, because you can hardly call what I have "decore" but I do have a few good pieces so I am starting from there.

In the above pics I have included the rug I currently have in my living room and the potterybarn shelving I own. I have wanted the sofa that is pictured for some time, but I will be getting it in chocolate brown so my kids can't make it look like crap in one months time. The bench (actually two benches) will be purchased and painted cream and will go with my dining room table that should have 6 chairs but instead has only two. I like the idea of benches...there is something so communal living about it (reminds me of being at camp, eating in the mess hall) and you can fit more people on them... Lastly, who doesn't like a good throw blanket. All the ones I currently have could be called throw blankets but I like to refer to them as throw away in they should have been long gone a long time ago, but what else would keep us warm in the winter?

There you go my friends...Polyvore! So stinkin cool!