April 27, 2009

Little People, Big Mouths

Yesterday the kids and I (along with aunt Nikki) went to church with Grandma and Grandpa Lowe. I really don't like their church that much, and it is really rare that I am particularly moved by the sermon, but we went none the less because grandma and grandpa are leaving for England next week and it makes grandma happy to see us at her church. The service was usual and after we had a little bit of cake in their common area and then packed up the kids to go. Parker was disappointed because she wanted to do something more exciting than just hang out in the church nursery. Kellan was already falling asleep in his carseat....knowing I needed diapers and that dad could probably use more study time we headed off to Target. We grabbed a cart and cruised over to get our diapers and wipes (Target was totally out of their brand of diapers...what the heck?!) Still not wanting to check out yet
(Target will do that to you) I decided to head over to the sports section and see if I could find a little soccer ball (for Kellan as a birthday present) Of course I immediately notice that perusing the very same isle is Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World. This is no big deal to me...after living in SoCal I have met my share of celebrities and to be honest I just don't get star struck, plus I really wouldn't classify them as "celebrity" but I know for a lot of Oregonians this would be considered a celebrity encounter, so anyway... I go about my business picking out a soccer ball and answering Parker's questions about golf clubs and golf balls when all of a sudden she blurts out "I am afraid of the boy mommy" It's clear that she is referring to Mrs. Roloff who is still in the isle browsing for something sports related. I say nothing hoping that by not responding she will move on to something else...but no. Parker repeats louder, "I am afraid of that boy mommy" and I say "Kellan?" knowing she is not talking about Kellan, and she says, "No, that boy right there!" At this point I am turning my cart to exit the isle but trying not to be too hasty because I don't want to draw anymore attention to us, and I am fairly confident that Mrs. Roloff has heard what Parker is saying...I reply with "There is nothing to be afraid of", as we round the corner and make a quick beeline out of earshot. I explain to her why we don't talk out loud about other people like that because things we say may hurt their feelings...she nods obediently and I continue to explain about little people and that is wasn't a boy but a lady that was a little person, and then I reiterate that we don't say those things out loud and that if she needs to next time she can whisper it to me. She nods again and whispers "OK"...feeling like we have an understanding I round from the doll isle onto the main thoroughfare where she proceeds to point adamantly at an old man in a scooter chair and says loudly "Look at that man in the chair!"...Geesh


Josh said...

That's so hilarious!

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

That's a great story! A few months ago Ava (3 yr old) did something similar. We were leaving Barnes and Noble when a large lady blocked the aisle. Her rear was literally right in front of Ava's face. Ava, being Ava, exclaimed, "That lady has a big butt!" I was mortified! And true to your testament, pretending to go deaf doesn't stop the comments from coming hee-hee! :-D

Annie Rivers-Dennis said...

omg, I was laughing out loud!