February 9, 2009

Not So Nautical

I am getting so excited about our upcoming move and the prospect of decorating with my beloved modern shelves and navy blue chain rug (both from pottery barn; the rug is pictured above), as well as my orange most-uncomfortable-couch-you-will-ever-sit-on. It is rock hard! I giggle every time I read the 1 review posted about it that is titled "Don't do it" in reference to buying my very sofa. I guess that is what I get for mail ordering a sofa, but hey the back of it folds up and down just like the lawn chairs of my childhood. click click click click all the way up to the desired angle, then fold it all the way into itself and pull it back over and it lays flat...but I digress

The modern shelves and chain rug were definitely investment pieces and well worth what I paid for them. The couch was not and will be replaced in the next year with something chocolate brown in color so as to hide all the stains my children are bound to bestow.

My dilema is in the decorating. More specifically pulling everything together without making it look nautical because, truth be told, I really don't like the nautical look... but for some reason was drawn to this rug. I liked the navy blue and orange together. Now I need to figure out how to infuse the right texture, scale, and, accent colors without the cheese factor...and come out with a finished product that is warm, inviting, and "me".

I was thinking cable knit throw pillows...